Our Services

Over the past 10 years, we have helped hundreds of companies
win contracts that have helped them grow their businesses.

Ask our experts to score your tenders

TenderScore is a detailed evaluation of your recent tenders, provided by our expert senior consultants in Tender Team. We score a recent tender, identify the areas of improvement and design a TenderSmart programme to increase win rates.

Tender smarter, not harder & win more contracts

TenderSmart is a unique tender improvement programme that will guarantee an increase in your tender success rates when implemented. This tailored programme will empower your team to create more winning tenders, more often.

We can support your team on that ‘must win’ bid

Our team have helped our clients win over €800m in new contracts. We have expert bid strategists; writers, managers and designers ready to support your team to prepare winning tenders that will transform your business.

Position to win with our strategy workshops

Winning is all about positioning. We offer tailored strategy workshops to help you develop a winning bid positioning strategy and create killer value propositions that will set you apart from the other bidders.